Catholic bishops and abuse of power.

Experience the sexual abuse cover-up in action.

Truth in fiction.

A Novel of spiritual passion and pain

Father Charles Mueller loved the Church. He loved people with equal passion. To him, Church and people were one and the same.

But the idealistic young priest learned that his bishop regarded the church as an institution and his role as a protector of that institution.

If people got in the way, it was more convenient to move them out of the way where they couldn't challenge his authority.

"I did it for the Church" was the bishop's stock reply when Mueller confronted him on behalf of battered people.

"A powerful story written by a man whose experience makes this truth-in-fiction credible... and who shows his great love for his church.

James Patrick Shannon
Former Auxiliary Bishop
Archdiocese of
St. Paul and Minneapolis

"A superbly crafted first novel. Boehrer paints a vivid picture of unforgettable characters...a new and exciting voice in the world of fiction."

Jo McReynolds-Blochowiak
Writer, Lecturer,
Book Reviewer

"Chapter VII is pure first-class mint. It should be laminated, framed and hung on the wall of all rectories, without distinction of denomination."

Dr. William J. Petrek
President Emeritus
Richmond College
London, England

"It's your fault that I'm groggy this morning. I couldn't stop reading Unless A Grain of Wheat last night (11 p.m. - 3 a.m.)...Your writing is very powerful, Stephen, and I was resonating with all your characters. It is encouraging to know that there is writing like this going on."

Richard Sherburne, S.J.
Former Dean of Men
Marquette University, Milwaukee

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