The story of a woman, a church in conflict over the role of women, and abuse of power.

The complete equality of women and men is a given in any truly moral context.

In the western world, few if any institutions have been as morally off-point on this issue as the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sister Maggie McDonough's story dramatizes in detail the spin and intrigues manipulated by these leaders to protect their exclusively male turf.

"A brave and well written book! When I finished the first one, Unless A Grain of Wheat, I shed unhappy tears and I said, 'How sad! How unnecessary! If only...!'

When I finished Dead Men's Bones, I thought, what a perfect title for a book like this!...telling the truth so well, so forcefully, so dramatically. So truly true!

I didn't weep this time though. I felt stunned and helpless and also so relieved and happy that there are people like you who dare to tell the truth."

Celestine Cepress, Ph.D., FSPA
Professor Emerita, English Literature
Viterbo College, LaCrosse, WI

"You did it again. The story grabbed me, and I read the book at one sitting."

Gloria Dougherty
New York City

"A readable yet erudite and prophetic book. If you hope for change it will inspire you and give you hope. If not, it is still a good read.

For those who say the ending is too idealistic and utopian, I would paraphrase Robert Browning and say, 'Man and WOMAN can dream, or what's a heaven for?'"

Terry Ryan
Co-founder, Voice of the Faithful, Wisconsin

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