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Leadership failures

Episcopal Culture dissected and interpreted.

The mystery surrounding the clerical abuse scandal is not that a priest could be a pedophile. The mystery lies with the bishops.

What motivated politically adept, often outgoing and personable men who claim moral leadership to knowingly place predatory, pedophile priests among innocent children?

What moved them to present deaf ears to victims and parents of victims, and then engage in stone-walling and cover-up activities?

The mystery is solved in the impartial process of a courtroom where three of these men are on trial under those specific charges.

"The Purple Culture may be set as a novel but every character and every story in it is solidly grounded in fact. Every tragic example of clergy sexual abuse, hierarchical arrogance and lay denial has been repeated time and again in the recent past. The author's purpose however, is not to re-tell more church-based horror stories but to examine a plausible answer to the vexing question why.

His response to the "why" of it all is a brilliant analysis of the Catholic hierarchy within a multi-disciplinary context. His conclusions probe deeply into the "Purple Culture" and present the best and most plausible answer to date to the why of the destructive nightmare of clergy sexual abuse."

Thomas Doyle, O.P., J.C.D.
Author, Canon lawyer and
advocate for victims.

"In the literary tradition of Andrew M. Greeley, The Purple Culture is a legal thriller about corruption in the Catholic Church. Stephen Boehrer plumbs a sinful human essence in his villains and, in a rare twist, draws a history of hubris to bear in furnishing a finale no one in Hollywood would dare to produce."

Jason Berry
Author of the novel and script, and director of the movie Vows of Silence

"How does one who intimately knows the workings of a secret culture tell the truth about it? The novel form offers an author the means to tell the truth beyond historical and statistical accounts.

This reader thinks of Andrew Greeley's epic The Cardinal Sins. THE PURPLE CULTURE, Stephen Boehrer's fourth and best novel so far propels him into fellowship with American writers the likes of J.F. Powers, Edwin O'Conner, and Walker Percy - that is, those who love the Catholic Church at the same time are unwilling to cover up its faults and human imperfections.

This intriguing account from the inside of the clerical culture lacks some of the irony and humor of other writers, but deals deftly with some of the meanest and most distressing workings of a power system. One can hope that Boehrer continues to probe the purple culture bound by the scarlet bond of secrecy. We all, including the clerical culture will all be better off for his efforts."

A.W.Richard Sipe
The Serpent and the Dove: Celibacy in Literature and Life

"When bishops around the world covered up the crimes of their pedophile priests, and then passed them around secretly, resulting in thousands of continuing crimes, the universal cry was, 'Why?'

Various experts, in attempting to answer that question, offered speculations referring to pathology, collusion, and/or stupidity among the hierarchy.

These are trumped by the author of this book, who presents a uniquely incisive answer.

His theory, carried in a fictional tale, is thoroughly credible, and the depth of its implications raises even more frightening questions."

Rita McDonald, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Professor Emerita
Marquette University, Milwaukee

"Steve Boehrer's wonderful new novel, 'Purple Culture,' is a timely and entirely accurate investigation of what is truly at stake in the church's clerical sex abuse crisis, which has finally begun to lift the curtain on the obscene underside of clerical culture.

The various and florid sexual pathologies and cover-ups by bishops are not some minor blip on the centuries long radar screen of salvation history, as they would like us to believe. They are, rather, an inherent part of the way the hierarchy reproduces itself.

Boehrer's page turning story might be fictional but it is entirely based upon the facts."

Peter Isely
SNAP Midwest Director
Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

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